Emotional Healing At Warp Speed - By David Grand, Ph.D

Review from Publishers Weekly.  Crediting Francine Shapiro with originating the technique just 21 years ago, Long Island psychotherapist Grand explains eye movement desensitization and reprocessing ( EMDR ) therapy for a popular audience. With 40,000 trained EMDR practitioners, this recent addition to the therapeutic arsenal has tremendous potential, he argues, for healing the effects of trauma, relieving depression, enhancing creativity and performance and improving studying and test taking. Focusing on a "target image" associated with a traumatic memory, the patient is led through a step-by-step process of recalling scenes, emotions and physical sensations while receiving "bilateral stimulation" through guided eye movements, alternating sounds in headphones or alternately receiving squeezes, massaging rubs or taps on the left and right sides of the body. 

According to Grand, one-time traumas (car accidents, bombings, hurricanes) can be released in one session, even in a few minutes, while deeper disturbances (repeated child abuse, war experiences) may take longer and may involve additional methods of therapy. He provides compelling anecdotal evidence of EMDR's effectiveness with train engineers traumatized by suicides and accidents on the tracks; survivors of the Oklahoma City bombing and Florida's Hurricane Andrew; mothers of slain children in Brooklyn; residents of Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Israel and the occupied territories; survivors of child abuse; and professional actors and athletes. 

While many readers may still find it doubtful that any EMDR therapy could work on all patients, especially in such rapid time, Grand presents an intriguing case for his approach. (Aug. 21) Forecast: The claim of "warp speed" healing will attract deserved media scrutiny, while Grand's passion for his subject will help sell the book.  Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

Review from Library Journal.  According to psychotherapist Grand, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a body/mind therapy that stimulates the brain and physiological network through left-right eye movements, is an effective way to heal emotional scars. Grand carefully outlines the steps necessary to practicing EMDR properly and includes limitations regarding self-use. 

Not only can EMDR help maximize athletic performance and foster artistic creativity, he contends, but it can also mend traumas stemming from exposure to hurricanes, bombings, and war. Real-life examples of successful EMDR patients are engaging

Although it takes awhile to grasp the author's point, it is worth the wait: as we come to honor the interconnectedness of sensory memory and body experience in ourselves, we will move from a place of healing our psychic traumas to a better place that of inner crisis prevention at the outset. Unusual and thought-provoking, this is recommended for large mental health collections of public libraries. Lisa Liquori, Syracuse, NY
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Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma

By Peter A. Levine, Ph.D.     

Reviewed October 7, 2000 (NY,NY)  This exciting, insightful book reinforces the wholeness of the human vehicle, that our body and triune brain of instinct, emotion and rationality are totally connected to the human experience and to our connection with all of life. 

The book explains why humans are often frozen in trauma, unlike animals who daily cope with the unpredictability of nature and man. For humans, as is true for animals, the potential for trauma exists from birth through death, with at least one major difference - that humans have a harder time releasing trauma and many carry it all of their lives, which causes major interference with health, peace of mind and the ability to live joyfully and creatively. When human trauma remains unhealed, the energy of the trauma and accompanying emotions will remain locked within the brain and held within the body's musculature, tissues and organs awaiting discharge. 

Like Sleeping Beauty awaiting her restoration to life once the poisoned apple is dislodged, those with deep psychological scars have disassociated the memory from their minds and are living in a numbed, tensed body awaiting its release so the body can return to wholeness and optimum mental and physical health. The author persuasively asserts that psychological wounds are reversible and that healing comes when the physical and mental letting go occurs, similar to the way the tiger experiences the coming and going of threat, tensing in response to danger, and as the threat passes, the tiger's muscles shake, twitch and let go right then and there the fear related energy which now is forever out of mind and body. So, too, Peter Levine states, can humans learn to release long-held and/or current trauma without return. The book is well-written, peppered with healing stories, and details step-by-step instructions on how to listen to the wisdom of the body to release trauma and heal. Consider this book as one great step forward to expanding the frontier of body/mind energy work that is emerging as the most comprehensive and effective wellness paradigm of the future.


Best Treatment For Trauma I Have Done,   Reviewed Aug 18, 2005   (Oregon WA)
After reading Peter Levine's book I found a practitioner of "Somatic Experiencing" from his web site in my city. From the first day I saw her I have been releasing trauma in the gentlest way I have ever experienced. This method has helped me release trauma that no other method has ever done and releases from the deepest layers I thought I would just have to live with forever. I have very complex PTSD from years of severe and sadistic child abuse from several perpetrators. Talk therapy, journaling, art therapy were helpful but just couldn't clear the fear, grief, hopelessness, that I carried. Emotional Freedom technique was also helpful and some other body therapies but this is my favorite. 

There is a LOT more to the healing techniques of Somatic Experiencing than in this book. I look forward to learning more techniques to clear the trauma from my body/mind. Somatic Experiencing is giving me the life I struggled so hard for in many years of previous therapy to attain. And it is so much easier, with less tears, hard work and pain! I have never experienced the levels of inner peace and calm that I have now. All my relationships are improving as well. 

For someone like myself, this will take more than 6 sessions as one person mentioned. I have a highly skilled therapist who is trained by Dr. Peter Levine in Somatic Experiencing. I know it will take many months to complete my healing but I have accomplished more in 15 sessions with her than being in therapy off and on for 16 years, reading books, and doing all kinds of things to get my life back.  

My life is just easier in every way. Thank you, Dr. Peter Levine, for helping me heal so I have a life worth living and making a difference in my son's life as 


In An Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma & Restores Goodness

By Peter A. Levine, Ph.D.
In this culmination of his life's work, Peter A. Levine draws on his broad experience as a clinician, a student of comparative brain research, a stress scientist and a keen observe of the naturalistic animal world to explain the nature and transformation of trauma in the body, brain and psyche.  In An Unspoken Voice is based on the idea that trauma is neither a disease nor a disorder, but rather an injury caused by fright, helplessness and loss that can be healed by engaging our innate capacity to self-regulate high states of arousal and intense emotions.  Enriched with a coherent theoretical framework and compelling case examples, the book elegantly blends the latest findings in biology, neuroscience and body-oriented psychotherapy to show that when we bring together animal instinct and reason, we can become more whole human beings.

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